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Ready for your next interview? This video will help you prep.


Key Points…

  1. Do your research: know all about the company you are interviewing with
  2. Get to know them: used LinkedIn and Social Media tools
  3. Get out in the field: aware of current industry news and trends
  4. Bring It: Be prepared for the interview
    1. Prepare your fact sheet: Reference Data – dates and months of previous jobs
    2. Professional and Personal References
    3. Address History
    4. Past Employer Information: physical address, phone number, boss’s name and contact info
    5. Dress one level up
  5. Practice: Mock Interviews
    1. “Tell Me a Story” Past performance is the best predictor of future success
    2. Behavioral Interview Responses — CAR: Challenge, Action, Result
    3. Tell me about yourself
    4. Walk me through your resume: High points in career focus on accomplishments and results
    5. Weakness: How you’ve overcome a challenge
    6. Questions for them are key!
  6. Contact Info for Thank You notes: correct spelling of names, paper/email

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